The Wolf of Kensington

TWOK is a much-desired NFT collection of unique and exclusive pieces of generative art based on The Wolf of Kensington. Conscious of creating a positive impact on our climate, TWOK will rightly be a carbon neutral collection and joining the pack will mark your territory. Are you a wolf in disguise? The Wolf is:

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The Wolf understands the value of teamwork, family and community.

But sometimes, the Wolf is misunderstood. Not Anymore. The Wolf moon is rising, and it won’t be ignored. The Wolf of Kensington is the most exclusive NFT in the global community and everybody will want to join the pack. Being part of the TWOK pack will open the digital doors to:

Carbon Neutral NFT

Exclusive Benefits

Global Services

Real World Investment  

World Class Artwork

This is just the start. With a few simple taps on the app you will unleash the wolf in you and there will be no going back.
Have you started howling yet?

It's time to meet the wolves...

The Origins of the Wolf

TWOK is the brainchild of NFT studio, Elevate Laboratories. Elevate Laboratories are thought leaders in the web3 space, shaping the metaverse and creating bold, new communities. TWOK is just the start. More ground-breaking projects that will shake-up the metaverse are already in the virtual pipeline. When you Elevate, it takes you to the next level.

When you Elevate, it takes you to the next level.

The Wolf Trail

“The lion might be the king of the jungle, but the wolf doesn’t perform in the circus”.
And so the journey starts. All projects need a roadmap, and this is ours. The pack is about to grow and here’s our direction of travel…

Carbon Neutral Announcement

We have to clean up after ourselves, that’s why TWOK will be a carbon neutral NFT collection and we don’t plan on ever changing this. We know how controversial this subject is and we’ve worked hard at nailing it. This is when you will hear our carbon neutral story.

First Stage TWOK App Launches

Access to your luxury lifestyle starts here. We are building an app that delivers for everyone. You will get your first glimpse here.

Partnership Announcement

We are all about community and the same is true when we are selecting our partners. We will be working with companies that share our ethos and the same desire to change the status quo. You will find out about the team we’ve selected here.

Treasury Announcement

This is when we reveal the detail, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you.


No other NFT project has given you more. TWOK is now ready to mint and this is where your journey really starts. Enjoy the ride!

The Great Reveal

The Wolves are here. It’s time to join the pack.

TWOK App Launches

It’s finally here. Luxury awaits your every thumb scroll.

Meet The Pack Leaders

Here are the trailblazers, pack leaders and chief howlers. We have a fully doxed team with expertise in their own specialist fields, including business, artistic/creative, technological & marketing. We lead from the front so others may follow.

Tani Dulay


Elliot Hackney


Sean Brown


Paul Doherty


Dan Jones



Community Manager

Garry Harkin

Project Manager


What token standards does The Wolf of Kensington follow? 

The token follows ERC-721 and is based on the well-supported Openzeppelin contracts. In addition to this, ERC-2981 is used for sharing royalty information which marketplaces can choose to follow. 

What measures have you taken to prevent failed transactions?

Our initial mint implementation features an allowlist containing randomly selected wallet addresses who have registered their interest pre-launch. Lucky people will have an extended time period to mint their wolf, reducing pressure on transaction rates, and preventing gas wars occurring. Registration will also involve verifying you are human to prevent bots from taking up all those spots. This is achieved using a Merkle Tree to reduce storage costs on the contract, where the root hash is stored on-chain and the proof you are allowed to mint is provided at transaction-time. Our mint site will handle everything and will only allow the luckily selected addresses to attempt to mint. For those more technically inclined, the full tree will be queryable via the API driving our site (documentation to follow). 

Where are the Wolves hosted? 

All NFT artwork and metadata is hosted on IPFS, the industry-standard decentralised storage system. We will also host our own dedicated IPFS node which will provide a HTTP gateway so that they can be retrieved at rapid speeds (IPFS is known to be quite slow). In addition to this, the unique hash which addresses the collection within IPFS (known as the CID) is stored on-chain, so even if our site goes down, owners still have the means to retrieve them. 

Will I need to pay approval fees to list on OpenSea? 

Short answer - no. Every OpenSea user is provided a proxy address which is in the control of the user and used by OpenSea to conduct transfers, and this data is queryable on-chain via OpenSea’s Proxy Registry contract. The TWOK NFT contract uses this data and automatically allow a token owner’s OpenSea proxy to perform transfers, without owners having to perform another transaction to explicitly allow it.

How many wolves can I mint at once?

The number of mints per wallet and total supply will be announced prior to minting.

What blockchain will the Wolves be on?

The Wolves will be on the Ethereum blockchain. Contract addresses will be published soon.

Where can I see my Wolf once I’ve minted?

Your Wolf can be viewed in both your OpenSea profile and MetaMask wallet. The choice is yours.


How will I get access to the app?

The app will be downloadable on both the App store and Google Play store.

How will the app verify if I hold a TWOK NFT?

Once downloaded, the user will undergo a verification process whereby they will be prompted to connect their MetaMask wallet to the app. Only if a TWOK NFT is found in the wallet connected will it allow you to access the features of the app, including concierge.

What if I don’t have a TWOK NFT in my wallet?

If the MetaMask wallet connected does not contain the required TWOK NFT then the app will not provide any further access. The user will be directed to OpenSea where they can purchase a TWOK NFT which is the only way to have full access to the app.

How do I make a request on the app?

Once the verification stage has been passed, there will be a section of the app labelled ‘Concierge’, here you will find the list of services offered by them. Select the most suitable option to the service you require and this will allow you to make a written request. E.g. 4 tickets to the World Cup final in Qatar.

How many requests can I make in one month?

TWOK holders have 10 hour’s worth of request time per month. This includes the time taken to work on your request(s).

Do I need to pay to use the app?

No, the app is free to download on both the App store and Google Play store, making requests via the concierge is free also.

What requests can I make?

A concierge service can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, whether you’re a sportsfanatic, world traveller, restaurant connoisseur or more, there is a request available to get these tedious tasks done without you having to break a sweat. Example requests are below:

- I am launching a new fashion business. Can you help me with business introductions and help me develop a marketing plan.

- I am looking for a reservation for four people on Wednesday at 8pm at Gordon Ramsay’s Lucky Cat.

- I’d like to go on a fitness-based wellness retreat in Europe. Can you recommend and book one for me, I will be travelling alone.

- I am looking to book Soho House New York for 5 days from 12th September. My partner and I would like a medium sized bedroom with great views.

Can I make more than one request a day?

Yes, multiple requests can be made I one day, as long as it is within the 10 hour per month threshold.

Can I make requests for same day bookings?

Yes, same day requests can be managed, but for the best experience users are urged to make requests at least 24-48 hours before the start time of the event they wish to go to.

How long should I wait for a response?

We aim to respond to all requests within 5 minutes, some requests may take longer but we will keep you updated during this process.

What happens if I sell my TWOK NFT?

If there are no TWOK NFTs stored in your MetaMask wallet upon launching the app, access will be denied to the TWOK concierge services and all other features on the app. If a user has multiple TWOKs and sells all but one, they will still be able to achieve full access to the app.

Will I have to pay for the request I make?

Access to the app is free. Making the requests are free. Time spent sourcing tickets, making reservations, bookings etc. is all free. TWOK holders will only be required to pay for the experience they require, e.g. the cost of tickets to an event, cost of flights, restaurant bills etc.

How do I get a wolf?

Download and install MetaMask

Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Ethereum account.

Buy some Ethereum

If you made a new account, buy some Ethereum. The MetaMask plugin has a button that will allow you to buy Ether from Coinbase.

Start bidding, buying and selling

Once you have the plugin installed, this website will recognise it and add buttons that allow you to mint TWOK NFT's directly in the interface.